I am an information technology and management consultant boasting a profound knowledge of high-profile technical solutions for large and medium-size businesses, ranging from retail all the way up to manufacturers. Sometimes, company owners/presidents call me their personal coach, though I am quite far from being one.

For those facing technical issues:

Since I focus solely on solutions, I do not prefer a specific technology over another; I just use the one that best suits my customers and solves the problems they are facing, in an efficient and timely manner. I love Microsoft and Linux, proprietary and open-source solutions alike. I am not a technology evangelist. Prostitution is a noun that closely resembles my software and hardware preferences. Only if I am the last resource will I write a little piece of software, but I DO NOT write code.

For those facing managerial issues:

Being formally trained in general systems theory, I will take a bird’s-eye view of your company to see what key areas need the most urgent attention. My experience tells me that most problems are caused by people, common and lords alike. If needed, I will suggest that you fire yourself. You cannot hire me to see you as an untouchable god, for you may as well be part of the demons creating your own company’s hell. I have been known to ask shareholders to stay away from their companies. They have done it. Solutions have worked. I empower losers to make them winners. I’m a corporate free lover: I DO NOT marry a specific company (but… money talks!).

Me, without verbs.

Venezuelan. Close to 45. Married. Three beautiful children. No degree but college educated. Jeans and loose shirts, black tie if necessary. Strictly monotheist. Bill, Ken, and Dennis, the techie heroes. Deming, the quality inspiration. SunOS the native environment, Windows the adopted one. Numbers, mostly; words, the rest. A passion for people. Instagram up, twitter down (kinda). Usually in the middle, never to extremes. Chess, math, soccer, scouting, photography, people. Crazy, creative, different.